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Global Student Contest Scholarships

2022-12-01 Netherlands
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About University

Studyportals is the International Study Choice Platform. Our mission: ‘Empowering the world to choose education’. How? By making study choice transparent globally. We help universities with easier and more effective international marketing and recruitment solutions. Studyportals started as a spin-off from a couple of large international study associations, frustrated by the lack of information to find international masters in Europe: was born and proved to be an overwhelming success. In 2009 Studyportals BV, a private enterprise, which now also publishes,,,, and was founded. We are driven to realise a positive contribution to our world with our platform. Beyond that, the Studyportals Foundation realizes charitable projects related to our mission and our team.

Brief Description

The Global Student Contest Scholarships are awarded annually to students who demonstrates an outstanding results in their studies. Share the breakthrough moment that led you to pursue a graduate degree. Have you overcome a hardship, or had an incredible moment? Tell us about it! The KAS contest Scholarship is awarded to a graduate students who applies and matriculates to a graduate program participating in the KAS application.


Eligibility requirements: Any graduate and undergraduate students can apply 3.0 or better grade point average Apply to a graduate program using the KAS program application Matriculate to a program at a participating college or university Applicants should be a commencing student registered as full-time for on-campus study

Level/Field(s) of Study

Master, Bachelor, Course

Scholarship value/inclusions/duration

$500 - $1,500 reward to the contest winners.

Available Subject

All fields

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