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Kiel University international awards to Study in Europe, Asia and North America, 2021

2021-11-15 Europe, Asia and North America
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About University

The CAU is a university with a long tradition. It connects people of different origins, expertise and experience. CAU students should be enthusiastic about their cause. You should work for our society. We are therefore looking for people with courage and ideas. We offer them a stimulating environment, innovative strength and many opportunities for testing. Insights into current research and technical principles for cooperation in interdisciplinary teams are just as much a part of it as support offers, open networks, service learning or an attractive living environment by the sea. We are open to new ways of studying and researching. For us, university learning is a path that researchers, teachers and students look for, plan and follow together. The Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (short form: CAU) contributes through research, teaching and knowledge transfer to the solution of the great challenges of our time in the areas of health, environment and culture in change, nutrition and energy. In this way it ensures peace and preserves the livelihood of future generations. Through interdisciplinary thinking, independent of short-lived trends and through joint, responsible action, the CAU ensures that scientific knowledge is carried into all areas of society. There it finds its way into political, economic and social decision-making processes as a contribution to securing peace and prosperity. When it was founded in 1665, the CAU adopted the motto “Pax Optima Rerum: Peace is the highest of all goods”. Over 350 years later, this maxim is still relevant. According to this guiding principle, the university wants to contribute to a peaceful, just world in which all people can live comfortably and in freedom. To a world in which the respectful treatment of the environment also enables future generations to live an adequate life. The mission of the CAU is: Research and teaching that contribute to securing peace, safeguarding prosperity and maintaining a pluralistic, free society and which meet the challenges of our time. They are based on strong disciplines. They require interdisciplinary collaboration. And they deal with transdisciplinary issues. Together with stakeholders from society, business and politics, we develop solutions for the pressing questions of our time and implement them together. Kiel School of Sustainability Under the umbrella of the Kiel School of Sustainability, master’s courses are offered from a total of five faculties of the CAU, in which students deal with the challenges of sustainable development in research and practice. In a team-based and solution-oriented manner, students learn to analyze future issues from a multidisciplinary perspective and to plan and carry out their own research projects. As part of the yooweedoo project of the Sustainability Master’s degree, students have the opportunity to set up sustainable, community-oriented and social entrepreneurial projects and social start-ups. Your own research or start-up projects are complemented by a wide range of optional (compulsory) modules. The courses offered within the framework of the Kiel School of Sustainability usually include a two-year full-time course with three teaching semesters and an individual master’s project of six months. Several of the Masters programs are taught entirely in English.

Brief Description

The Kiel University is offering international awards to study in Europe, Asia and North America. These opportunities are open in all the academic subjects offered by the partner institutions. The aim of The grants is to enhance international exchange. These programmes are advertised annually for students. The International Center (IC) at Kiel University promotes and supports the University’s relationships with other institutions internationally.


Eligible Countries: Applicants of all nationalities can apply for these endowments. Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following area for the opportunity : The bursaries are open to all students from all academic subjects offered by the particular partner institution. English Language Requirements: Applicants must meet the necessary language proficiency requirements of the host institution.

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