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Climate Science Olympiad 2021 ($10,000 prize pool and attendance in the UN Climate Summit)

2021-08-01 Different Places
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About University

Climate Science is a global charity creating and providing educational resources on solutions to climate change to 100,000s of people worldwide. It is offering the best of both worlds. Its founding draws on our own need for accessible and reliable information on climate change solutions.

Our founders

Eric Steinberger

In his 21 years on planet Earth, Eric has done research at MIT, Facebook AI, TU Vienna, and Luxembourg University – all before completing his first year at the University of Cambridge.

This was possible because of free online education. When he was 14, he started studying Physics and Computer Science through MIT's "Open Courseware" program, and other online material.

Consequently, Eric understands the impact online education can have and wants to use this to help the next generation of brilliant climate enthusiasts learn what they need to know in order to solve the world's biggest problems.

Beyond work, Eric enjoys hiking, rock music, and animated movies.

Isabel Key

Isabel has always loved communicating science through art and design. She graduated from Natural Sciences with a specialisation in zoology at the University of Cambridge.

After that, she started working as a research assistant at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NBSI) at the University of Oxford, where she conducts research into climate change adaptation, forests, and ecosystems.

Isabel regularly supports charities and environmental initiatives with her artwork that illustrates scientific topics she discovered through her degree at Cambridge and through her volunteering with various research and conservation programs in an engaging yet cute way.

Brief Description

Applications are now open for the Climate Science Olympiad 2021.  This Olympiad or competition is organized by Climate Science annually and participants in the different age groups who meet other conditions as well can apply for the program from around the world. Participants in this tournament write about and share their solutions to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change. Each year, 10,000 participants compete in this tournament.


There are two age groups for participation (14-17 and 18-25). If you are in one of those at the time of registration, you qualify to participate regardless of nationality or other factors.

Participants must be real persons.

Both members of a team must fall in the same age group at the time of application.

Proof-of-age from everyone who advances to the semi-finals will be asked.

How to apply?

You can register for your chosen qualifier in your language online and then proceed with other steps of application.

Level/Field(s) of Study


Scholarship value/inclusions/duration

There are prizes and some no-monetary benefits for the participants. Qualifiers and semi-finalists experience competing with other young minds from across the world and reflect on the problems proposed to them to share their solutions.

Semi-finalists will be invited to a Climate Science-led training group as well.

But, top three teams win $10,000 (first place winner $5000, second $3,000, and third $2000).

How does it work?

The tournament has multiple stages involving three groups of qualifiers plus a various numbers of participants, and applicants can register as a qualifier in their chosen category and in their chosen language as per its deadline (see at the bottom of the page).

Tournament stages

Local Qualifiers (online )

Participants: 10,000

Time: January-September 2021

In this stage, individuals or teams of two compete with each other. Competitors can choose one of the three problem statements and respond to it. Participants are given the topics 10 days before the qualifier event but the exact title is not announced until the start of the actual event. Then, participants will write essay responses to the questions relating to the problem statement within 3 hours. (Read more below)


Participants: 500 (qualifiers)

Time: Sept-Oct 2021

The top 5% of all qualifier competitors move on to the global semi-finals. Semi-finals are conducted online and semi-finalists are invited to a community education training that helps them prepare for the semi-final (and final).


Number: 50

Date: Nov 2021 (finalists convene at the UN Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland). The final is conducted in-person and finalists will be invited to the COP26 summit in the UK.

Winners will win 10,000 dollars prize.

Available Subject

Business and Law, Natural Science, Social Science

Scholarship Title

  • Start Date:2021-03-01
  • Location: Different Places
  • End Date: 2021-08-01


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