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World Youth Alliance 2021 Online Internship Program for Applicants from Asia Pacific Region

2021-04-18 Philippines
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About University

How We Work

The World Youth Alliance works to understand and speak about the idea of the human person. We work with young people around the world to build a culture that supports and nurtures the dignity of each human person. Our work can be divided into three program areas: Advocacy, Education, and Culture.


To promote the dignity of the person by building a global coalition of young people able to articulate, defend and live the dignity of the person in their lives and influence the communities and world in which they live.


A world in which the dignity of the person is the foundation for policy and program implementation; in which we understand that progress entails a commitment to the dignity of each human person and the adoption of person-centered solutions.

 The World Youth Alliance participates directly at the United Nations, European Union, and Organization of American States.

Our advocacy work equips young people to work on critical topics that we face today.

We provide research and fact sheets on current international policy issues.

You can read our statements on topics that have been discussed and negotiated by our members at the UN.

We provide training on international relations and foreign diplomacy for members

We work one-on-one with delegates to develop person-centered policies and language proposals for international negotiations

We organize advocacy conferences on international policy themes and our annual International Solidarity Forum at the UN.

WYA and the United Nations

WYA is an accredited ECOSOC Civil Society Network NGO. WYA can thus access UN grounds, attend meetings, and speak as a civil society representative.

WYA and the European Union

WYA members and interns work with the European Commission and European Parliament and monitor select meetings at the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE).

WYA and the Organization of American States

WYA is a registered civil society organization with the Organization of American States (OAS) and participates at the annual OAS General Assembly meetings and regional summits.  The OAS plays a critical role in carrying out mandates established by the hemisphere’s leaders through the Americas.

WYA Research: White Papers

WYA white papers address the most significant topics in global policy discussions and in key international proposals.

Member Participation in Advocacy

Members can participate at the UN by applying for an Advocacy Fellowship (law students only), apply for a WYA Headquarters Internship in New York, or inquire about attending a specific commission or conference.

History of WYA

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) began in 1999 when 21-year-old Anna Halpine stood up for human dignity during a conference at the United Nations. Since then, WYA has grown to include tens of thousands of members around the world with six regional offices, all dedicated to the defense of the dignity of the person through education, culture, and advocacy.

The Founding of the World Youth Alliance

While observing the 1999 Conference on Population and Development, Anna Halpine witnessed a group of thirty two young people make a statement. Claiming to represent all three billion of the world’s youth, they demanded that the following policies be put into place: abortion as a human right, sexual rights for children; and the deletion of parental rights.

The group of young people characterized these as necessary for development, but ignored basic needs such as clean water, education, and employment. This spurred Anna to action.

The next morning, she returned to the Commission with a few others and distributed bright pink flyers offering a more holistic view of the human person and human needs.

The development of the whole person includes the moral, spiritual, emotional, intellectual as well as the physical dimensions. Please do not reduce us to our sexual faculties. Our main concerns are issues relating to education, family, employment and development.
Please don’t “reserve and move on”. Hold fast to principles for our future.
– Excerpt from the pink flyer

With human dignity as her focus, Anna called on delegates to discuss topics addressing basic human needs and rights. Her statement was so well-received by delegations that she was asked to maintain a permanent presence at the United Nations and work with youth from developing countries.

The debate: who is the human person?

The debates at the United Nations are, fundamentally, debates about who the human person is. How we understand the human person lays the foundation for what policies and initiatives are implemented. Is the human person the object of various policies, programs and end goals, or a subject with inviolable dignity, who stands at the center of all policies and initiatives? How will our answer to this question impact policy and culture?

‘Is the human person an object to be used or a subject with inviolable dignity, who stands at the center of all policies and initiatives?’

Understanding the right answer to the question, “Who is the human person?” determines the direction of our policies, our culture, and ultimately our vision for humanity. The World Youth Alliance maintains that all human beings have dignity and therefore are subjects who should be respected. Human dignity is intrinsic, independent of any individual condition; it is not granted, and it cannot be rescinded. It is the foundation of all human rights, and States have the responsibility to recognize and respect the dignity of the human person.

WYA Today

These ideas have real world effects. A flawed vision of the human person threatens human dignity on a global scale. This is evident in policies that promote abortion, tie foreign aid to population control policies, and prioritize ideology over more effective prevention strategies in addressing HIV/AIDS.

Conversely, a proper understanding of the human person fosters freedom, solidarity, authentic development, and true respect for human dignity and rights. WYA is equipping a generation of young people with the tools necessary to propose this vision to the world and bring about a cultural transformation.

Today, WYA works at international institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, and the Organization of American States, as well as with young people from around the world to build a culture that supports and nurtures the dignity of each human person. We bring young people to international conferences and into dialogue with ambassadors, diplomats, and political leaders.  We focus on:

international policy and human rights

economic development

social development

global health


WYA trains young people of every background from every corner of the world in each of these areas, training them to advocate for the human person and develop creative solutions to real world problems.


Each regional office is run by two staff members. The Foundation provides general support for WYA. Get to know WYA’s regional and foundation staff as well as its board members.

The World Youth Alliance is composed of young men and women from every part of the world. In cooperation with other organs of the international community, primarily the United Nations and the European Union, the World Youth Alliance is committed to building free and just societies through a culture of life. That culture affirms the inalienable dignity of the person, defends the intrinsic right to life, nurtures the family, and fosters a social climate favorable to integral development, solidarity, and mutual respect.

We recognize that the intrinsic dignity of the person is the foundation of every human right. We believe this dignity is independent of any individual condition and that no human community can grant or rescind that dignity.

We are convinced that the intrinsic dignity possessed by every human being from conception to natural death is the foundation of everyone’s right to life. We believe that this inalienable right to life is the basis of a free and just society and we believe that society through law and culture has an obligation to protect the dignity of the person and thus protect the right to life.

We affirm that the fundamental unit of human society is the family, where men and women learn to live in genuine freedom and solidarity, and where individuals are equipped to fulfill their social obligations. We believe that the political community at the local, national and international level is obliged to protect and nurture the family.

We believe that the authentic development of society can occur only in a culture that fosters integral human development – characterized by physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional growth, in a climate of respect for the human person and the family.

We invite all those who share these convictions to join us in affirming them and give them effect in public life at all levels.

World Youth Alliance Headquarters

228 East 71st Street
New York, NY 10021 USA
Phone: +1212 585 0757
Fax: +1 917 463 1040

Brief Description

World Youth Alliance (WYA) is looking for two individuals who are dedicated to protect and promote human dignity in society as its interns who will join WYA in Manila, Philippines. if you possess the required qualities and are looking to make a change in the world through the organization’s advocacy activities, read the program guide and apply online.


The application is online and you can fill in the application form and submit it online.

In addition to submitting the online form for the Design Intern vacancy, applicants should submit their Resumes and Portfolios to with the email subject: [COMPLETE NAME] – WYAAP Internship Application Documents. For DIs only.

For questions or clarifications, you may email WYA at or contact it at +632 8 921 5162.

Visit the website of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) for more details.

Level/Field(s) of Study


Scholarship value/inclusions/duration

  1. Program Development Interns


  • Program Development Interns will gain first-hand training, expertise, and exposure in managing WYA Asia Pacific Programs under its work in Advocacy, Education, and Culture.
  • This is a volunteer position of immense benefits for the interns.

Specific qualities

  • They are expected to possess excellent project management skills and strong communication/public speaking skills, among other skills necessary to get programs running.
  • Applicants with similar experience in event management, marketing, and fundraising; with high knowledge of social issues; and with a deep passion, are highly valued.
  1. Design Intern


  • Interns under this category will acquire direct experience in producing effective communication materials through various mediums.
  • Interns will work with the WYAAP regional staff and the global Multimedia Manager in handling digital design, video production, photo and video documentation, and other similar work.
  • This is also a volunteer position.

Specific qualities

  • Design Interns shall possess wide-ranging knowledge and related experience in effective visual communication, graphic design, and branding.

Awarding institution: World Youth Alliance (WYA)

Location: Online

Duration: Almost 4 months

Work type: Full-time

Number of internships: 2

Application deadlines – INTERNSHIP PERIOD FOR 2021:
Batch 1: January 18 – April 30, 2021 | Deadline: [CLOSED]
Batch 2: May 10 – August 20, 2021 | Deadline: April 18, 2021
Batch 3: September 6 – December 17, 2021 | Deadline: August 9, 2021

Available Subject

Art and Humanities ,Business and Law ,Social Science

Scholarship Title

  • Start Date:2021-01-23
  • Location: Philippines
  • End Date: 2021-04-18


Scholarship List

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