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Complete information and background of the organization



ACTED has been present in Afghanistan since 1993, and operates across northern and eastern provinces. ACTED delivers lifesaving relief to the displaced communities with cash and in-kind assistance, shelters, and water and sanitation infrastructure, whilst contributing to long-term recovery and development by providing education and skills training, investing in agriculture and livelihoods, and strengthening local governance.

ACTED, the Agency for Technical Co-operation and Development is an NGO registered in France with global operations in Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. ACTED has been active in Afghanistan since 1993, and is one of the largest NGOs in the country, capitalizing on a continued 15-years presence in Afghanistan throughout successive regimes and on established operations throughout Central Asia. ACTED operates mainly in the North, Northeastern and Central areas of Afghanistan. Originally focused on humanitarian relief, ACTED Afghanistan is now working through an integrated development approach. Although still responsive to natural and humanitarian crisis, including support to flood and drought affected populations as well as sustainable reintegration for returnees, ACTED Afghanistan main area of intervention is now the promotion of community-driven rural development. Within this framework, ACTED Afghanistan is the largest NGO facilitating partner of the National Solidarity Programme, working in 1,721 communities spread over five provinces in the North. Its present operations reach about 7,8% of the Afghan rural population.

Mission context 

Afghanistan is suffering from one of the most protracted humanitarian crises worldwide. Over 40 years of conflict and frequent natural disasters continue to undermine its population’s resilience. Returnees from Pakistan and Iran, internally displaced and chronically poor populations share inadequate basic services and scarce livelihood opportunities.

The continued deepening and geographic spread of armed conflict in Afghanistan keeps wreaking havocs amongst the population and is expected to leave over six million people in acute need of assistance in 2019. Host, long and recently displaced communities require assistance to meet their food needs and to have access to water and sanitation facilities, as well as safe shelter and essential household items. In addition, the low capacity of the government to provide its population with basic services and meaningful opportunities hinders the country’s development, leaving 42% of the population below the poverty line.

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