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The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) was established based on Article 50 of the Constitution of Afghanistan, Presidential Decree No. 257, dated 1381 and later the Civil Service Law (1384), formed the legal basis for the creation of the IARCSC. The IARCSC is led by nine commissioners five of whom work at the Civil Service Appointments Board, another three at the Civil Service Appeals Board, and the General Director normally appointed by the president. In addition to the two boards, the IARCSC has three general directorates which include the Civil Service Management, the Civil Service Institute, and Administrative Reform Secretariat with departments in all 34 provinces.

The overall mandate of the IARCSC is to lead the reform of the civil service and recruitment of civil servants. The IARCSC believes that the following values provide us with fundamental guidance in our strategic intents, relationship with citizens, stakeholders and a cornerstone for the execution of our obligations. Its core values are: Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Inclusion & fairness, Meritocracy, Rule of law

The IARCSCs Vision:

An efficient, effective and impartial civil service administration that advances the countrys economic development goals and serves the interests of all Afghan citizens; 

The IARCSCs Mission is:

To lead the reform and professionalization of civil service administration and management and to recruit and develop civil servants on the basis of merit, through an impartial, transparent and accountable process.

Board of Directories

Civil Service Appointments Board

The Civil Service Appointments Board is responsible for merit based high level civil service recruitment(s), monitoring the lower level civil service recruitment(s), and implementing reform programs in civil service institutions as well as assisting these institutions in establishing a strong and effective organization.

Civil Service Appeals Board

This board is responsible to address the grievances of civil servants stemming from unmerited disciplinary actions taken against them, illegal instructions and orders, violations from rules and regulations and civil servants code of conduct, lack of access to their personal records, refusing orders without valid reasons, discriminatory behaviors and decisions by Civil Service Appointments board, recruitment committees in ministries and other valid complaints by civil servants.

Secretariat of IARCSC

This General Directorate operates under the Chairman of IARCSC and performs all administrative, financial and executive duties in accordance with the procedures, monitors projects and administrative reform programs and provides the implementation monitoring reports of these projects and programs to the IARCSC Chairman.

General Directorate of Civil Service Management

This General Directorate is established to manage, organize and effective provision of public services, development drafting of civil service laws, decrees, procedures and policies and to provide technical feedback on and monitor the implementation of these policies.

General Directorate of Civil Service Institute

The Civil Service Institute is an academic and training institution that is established to work towards building the capacities of civil servants and university graduates. Also, this institute assists in strategic and action planning, developing of policies, strategies, and training guidelines for civil servants capacity building concurrent with the strategic goals of IARCSC.

Year of Establishment



Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission
Darulaman Road, Sanatorium Street, Kabul

Contact No.: +93(0)795414260


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