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Complete information and background of the organization

Azizi Bank


Azizi Bank was established in Afghanistan in the year 2006 by an ethnic business group and it can be surely called a creation of Afghan vision & enterprise. The bank started its operation on 13th June 2006. Today Azizi Bank is the largest commercial bank in the country as a group. The bank is presently the market leader in the Country in terms of absolute business, percentage share and network.

The Management team at the Bank is a mix of youth and experience and ably supported by a young & well-trained operating team aiming at transforming the banking scenario in the country by offering a truly professional and pleasurable experience to the customers. The bank today has 1700+ strong team of employees and with a 25% female work force, its playing a quiet but effective role in women’s emancipation and empowerment. Large investments have been made by the Bank in physical infrastructure and technology with a view to provide the right ambience and latest facilities to prospective customers as per international standards.

The bank has 75 branches & 10 extension counters, thus playing a pioneering role in development of the banking culture in the country. The bank today has 101 ATMs spread across Kabul and the major Provinces of Afghanistan, which are all fully networked under Core Banking-Any Branch Banking and connected to a Centralized Database. By end of Dec 2020, the bank is poised to have 200 ATMs thereby emerging as the clear market leaders on the ATM network in Afghanistan.  With its 100% subsidiary bank, Islamic Bank of Afghanistan (former Bakhtar Bank), the group has more than 145 branches and stands as the largest banking network in the Country.


Professionally Managed, Techno Savy, Strong & following International Best Practices.

Extending world class, cost effective services & Contributing to the national economy by providing modern banking.

Products & services in the country that spur national and individual growth.

Adding value to all the stakeholders in the Bank and specifically promoting Afghan talent and skills.


To provide excellent professional services and financial products using latest technology to meet customer needs.

To utilize and maintain committed and motivated national human resources.

To fulfill corporate and social responsibilities towards all stake holders, customers, staff, and shareholders.

Head Office :

Ankara Square Opposite Turkish Embassy, Main Road- Kabul, Afghanistan

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