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U.S Embassy


The mission of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul is to promote bilateral ties between the United States and Afghanistan. Embassy activities focus on strengthening democratic institutions, enhancing security and regional stability, fighting international terrorism, combating narcotics production and trafficking, and fostering expanded trade and investment.

The U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section offers a wealth of information on all facets of life in the United States and also provides a forum for U.S.-Afghan cultural exchanges. The Information Resource Center (IRC) has extensive information on a variety of topics, including current and historical events and educational opportunities in the United States.

Like every U.S. Mission around the world, the Embassy hopes that better communication between our two countries will improve mutual understanding, foster democratic ideals, improve human rights, and provide for a healthier global environment and a safer world.

Education and Culture

U.S. Embassy Kabul carries out a series of activities to promote professional and cultural ties between the people of Afghanistan and United States. These programs address major issues, such as democracy and civil society, human rights, Islam in America, university administration, independent media, local government, cultural preservation, and the administration of justice.  For more information, we welcome you to explore the following resources:

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United States Embassy

Kabul, Afghanistan
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