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Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation


AUWSSC since established until FY 2016, which lasted for more than 45 years only providing services in 17 cities of Afghanistan. From FY 2016 onward AUWSSC has been able to make significant changes in the area of improving and expansion of drinking water supply in urban and semi-urban areas of the country.

Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Company Pursuant to Decree No. (130) date 11/5/2005 of the High Official of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Resolution No. (36) dated 10/18/2005 of the Honorable Council of Ministers to change the legal personality of the water supply company and The urban sewerage of Afghanistan has been directed, which was later instructed to fulfill the provisions of the above order (working group) on changing the legal personality of the enterprise, which continued until 11/24/2007, and later for the purpose of liquidation of the enterprise by the liquidation board. The esteemed Ministry of Finance has been appointed to take action regarding the consolidation of surrender and transfer of all movable and immovable property of the enterprise to the company, the work of which continued from 7/3/2008 to 9/21/2010.

Objectives of the company: - Public health and welfare in cities - Environmental protection - Provision of safe drinking water - Collection and treatment of waste water - Growth of effective and continuous water supply services - Development of human resources - Company activities with commercial and for-profit facilities and effective management And it is fruitful. The main duties of the company: · Organizing and managing water supply and sewerage facilities (sewage). Collecting bell (tariff) of water use from consumers and maintaining and controlling it. · Study and study of water supply and sewerage facilities with the help of domestic and foreign consultants in accordance with the laws of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Water supply and sewerage facilities along with its completion in accordance with environmental laws. Production of spiked concrete pipes to create sewerage networks (sewage). Launching an equipped exhibition to examine the quality of drinking water and control water after its purification according to international standards. Obtaining membership in regional and international associations for the provision of water and sewerage services (sewage) in accordance with laws and regulations. · Development of human resources as needed. · Technical training to provide better water supply and sewerage services (sewage). · Attracting domestic and foreign aid for mud training, water supply and sewerage facilities (sewage) and supply of materials required by the company. Signing cooperation agreements with national and international organizations to provide better services.

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