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Khana-e-Noor University


As a modern academic institution with the objective of promoting inter-disciplinary higher education and research with special emphasis on high quality, effective learning, and state of the art facilities. The institute is making rapid progress to emerge as a leading private educational institution in the country. Affiliated with Seattle University in USA, KNU has an excellent track record in academics, research, training, cultural activities and sports.

Some of the distinctive features of KNU include excellent standards of teaching and research, well-qualified faculty members, effective administrative functioning, congenial academic environment, pulsating campus life, national and international partnerships, timely holding of examinations and time-bound declaration of results, a community-service approach and special emphasis on providing opportunities for students of rural background as well as female students.

With its spacious and convenient campus, KNU provides excellent infrastructural facilities and necessary student support services. Computer and network facilities are available on the campus. The institution has entered into national and international level strategic tie-ups with academic and research organizations in the country including government ministries for joint academic and research programs. Recently, KNU has signed MOUs with two ministries, three business and construction firms and five private research and consultancy firms. We are all set to emerge as a pioneer University with overall excellence, a modern outlook and deep commitment towards social and community causes in times to come. Welcome to this vibrant Institute of Higher Learning which inspires you to dream, learn and achieve!


Founded on the underlying premise of promoting education in the country with a strong commitment to academic excellence and a world-class learning system in full compliance with the national and international academic standards, serve as an active institution to spread knowledge and build a prosperous society.


Build a healthy and prosperous society through relevant, innovative and inclusive education and research and offering high quality programs in line with the national and international labor market demands. We prepare students to work, live and thrive as citizens and leaders in their communities and beyond.

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0794262626 / 0794252526

Pol-e- Mahmood Khan, Shashdarak, Kabul – Afghanistan.

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