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Complete information and background of the organization

War Child UK


War Child was established in 1993 as a response to the brutal effects of conflict on children during the Balkans war. We are currently operational in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic. War Child UK started its operation in the Western Region of Afghanistan in 2003 working in three (3) thematic areas namely Education, Protection, and Livelihood. War Child UKs main office is located in Kabul and a sub-office in Herat.

Humanitarian needs in Afghanistan today are as complex as they are persistent.

The includes emergency levels of food insecurity, compounded by continued conflict and displacement. Children continue to bear the brunt of this.

War Child has been in Afghanistan since 2002.

We started our operation in Herat, in the western region; implementing food security and livelihoods projects with internally displaced families from other provinces.

We then officially registered in 2006 and expanded operations to the eastern and central region in 2007 to cover three thematic areas: protection, education and livelihoods (with advocacy and gender as cross-cutting areas of intervention).

We remain active across the country despite the upward trend in violence.  


Child protection

We combine actions from protection, education and livelihood response to address the disproportionate impact of conflict on children, and the over reliance on negative coping mechanisms by families placing children in direct harm. Our current priorities are responding to immediate serious protection risks and cases, strengthening national protection systems and structures, and engaging with complex root causes.


We run awareness-raising campaigns and projects in communities, particularly about childrens rights and violence against young people.

Education and livelihoods

Our education projects provide schooling or vocational training for street-working children, and help them either re-enrol in formal school or find employment. We help their families too with business training, for example, to raise their income level and make it possible for the children to go to school. For small children who live in prison with their mothers we can provide a shuttle bus to kindergarten, and help mothers with parenting skills.

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War Child UK, Studio 320, Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1TL, UK

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