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Complete information and background of the organization

National Development Corporation


The National Development Corporation State Owned Corporation (NDC) was founded as per the Presidential Decree no. 28, dated 03/02/2020. The principal objective of the corporation is to reinvigorate the state-owned corporations merged into it, which previously held the status of state-owned enterprises.

The fundamental purpose behind the merger was to modernize and mechanize the operations of the corporations so that it could achieve the high standard of implementation and construction of infrastructure. Furthermore, among the goals of NDC is the refinement of processes involved in the implementation of vital infrastructure in the fields of agriculture, water, energy, production, exploration and mining of minerals. NDC strives to accelerate the sustainable development of the country. According to the Presidential decree, the legal status of the following state-owned enterprises was converted to state-owned corporations and then merged into NDC:

Bana i Development Corporation

Helmand Development Corporation

Afghani Development Corporation

Housing Development Corporation

Ghouri Cement Factory

Jabal Siraj Cement Factory

Northern Coal Corporation

Arzaq Corporation

Nangrahar Valley Agricultural Corporation

Metal Corporation

Central Freight Corporation (Kamaz)

Areas of Operation


Water management is one of the key priority areas of NDC. Whether it is using water as a source of renewable energy to reach self-sufficiency, redirecting water for irrigation purposes, or providing access to clean drinking water, NDC plans to utilize Afghanistan s freshwater streams to their maximum potential. NDC is currently running projects to renovate provincial water systems as well as digging canals in different parts of Afghanistan.


Hydro-power is the primary source of energy in Afghanistan. However, most of the dams were built over 50 years ago and lack the capacity to meet the present energy needs of the nation. Afghanistan has been relying on its neighboring countries for its energy supply. This dependency is not only costing Afghanistan millions of dollars per year but also prevents its industries from thriving due to the cost of energy being amongst the highest in the region. NDC aims to renovate and modernize the existing dams as well as build new ones not only to meet the existing national demand but also to export energy to neighboring countries.


Years of experience has enabled NDC s existing team to offer credible advice and consultancy services in its areas of expertise. The corporation has played a vital role in offering consultancy and advisory services in reviewing some of key national development projects. The corporation is currently engaged in the survey and design of water filtration in Panjsher and transportation to Kabul for drinking and sanitation purposes. It is also working on a blueprint on a tunnel to divert water from Sarobi to an eventual powerhouse to generate hydropower with a capacity of 180 megawatts.


Afghanistan has always relied on its agricultural sector. However, very little has been done to modernize and mechanize this vital sector. Through water management projects, NDC aims to irrigate large swaths of barren land, which will be utilized for agricultural megaprojects.  Standardization, modernization, and mechanization of the agriculture sector will maximize agricultural yields and pave the way for agribusiness and agro-industrial advancements. NDC in Nangarhar is currently working on reviving the olive farms, citrus farms, livestock farms, and fisheries in eastern Afghanistan. NDC has started piloting forestation projects by planting thousands of trees on mountain beds in Paghman and Sorobi.


The North Coal mines have been merged with NDC and the corporation has plans to modernize the extraction process by investing in infrastructure and equipment. This will increase the extraction capacity from hundreds of tons per day to thousands of tons per day. With increased extraction, NDC will have already increased the production capacity of two cement factories which will have a much higher rate of coal consumption. Furthermore, NDC is also in discussion with international firms regarding building coal power plants with a capacity of 300 MW per station. This will provide a strong supplementary supply to Afghanistan s energy demand and also lower the cost of energy, which will in return pave the way to Afghanistan s industrialization. NDC also plans to work on those mining sites, which yields easy results and revenue generation.


The merged state-owned corporations to NDC have completed hundreds of construction projects all over Afghanistan. NDC prides itself on its impressive portfolio and extensive experience in the construction sector. Among other projects, NDC is currently building eight hospitals as part of the government s rapid response effort against the COVID-19 pandemic. Afghanistan was only the second country to have such a rapid infrastructural response to the virus outbreak. NDC has also restored national historical sites including but not limited to Darul-Aman, Jabl Saraj, Paghman, Ameer Shaheed, Bagh Shahi palaces, the work being completed at extremely competitive costs is one of NDC s achievements. Highest in quality, fastest in delivery and most competitive in price are some of the fundamental traits of NDC s construction work.


Afghanistan heavily relies on purchasing imported products at high prices for the quality that can be outdone locally. NDC has already started building strong partnerships with the private sector to offer local alternatives and not only minimize imports but also increase exports. Jabal Siraj cement is undergoing a restructuring effort, which will result in a 300% increase in production. Also, NDC is currently discussing partnerships with international companies to increase the production capacity of cement factories to the level so that Afghanistan can become self-sufficient with regards to cement. NDC plans on establishing 120 factories in partnership with the private sector by 2025.

Our Mission Statement

The basic philosophy of NDC is to make full use of our expertise to provide solutions that correspond to problems faced by our nation. Our work is inline with national development frameworks set by the national sector. We believe true development can only be achieved through cooperation rather than competition with regional and national sectors. Ethical and transparent work that not only finds an equilibrium between scope, cost and time but also guarantees high levels of partner satisfaction is our central work philosophy. Our for-profit nature shall never be at odds with our nation building mission.


NDC has built dams, roads, hospitals, mosques, guesthouses, and palaces around the country, it has also renovated historical sites


The corporation plans on producing most of the material used in construction. It also intends to address the national market needs for different products.


NDC plans on streamlining the coal, hydro-power and energy equipment industries in the country to reach international standards and beyond.


NDC wants to lead the countries agricultural revolution especially in the agribusiness and agro-industrial sectors.

Our Core Values

The basis work of the National Development Company that includes; Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability


We are setting the standard for quality in our projects and conduct. With an expert workforce and ethical values, our team stands out in the market.


We have in our history proven time and again that we could beat the timelines and prices offered for projects and products by our competitors.


Our value of sustainability is reflected in the quality of our work and the life of our products. We also hold in high regard our footprint on the eco-system and strive to minimize it.


Qasaba behind of Kabul National Airport

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