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INTERSOS intervention in Afghanistan began in October 2001 and continues today with projects of assistance to the population, with particular attention to its most vulnerable section. After completing its intervention in Herat province, where it supported the local population on issues of water access, combating malnutrition and food security, in 2017 INTERSOS focused its efforts in the southern province of Kandahar, at the centre of the armed conflict, where the humanitarian needs are greatest.

The intervention in the province of Kandahar, and in particular in the white areas, namely the areas disputed between the national government and the armed opposition groups, has focused on providing health services, both through support to local facilities and through the use of mobile clinics to reach rural areas. At the same time, INTERSOS started its activities in Kabul, supporting an education project for displaced and returned children.


Afghanistan is one of the countries with the lowest values in the Global Human Development Index. In 2017, about 507,000 Afghans were forced to leave their homes because of violence. 2017 was the fourth consecutive year with over 10,000 civilian victims since the conflict broke out in the country: women and children continue to represent the section of population that pays the highest price of war, accounting for 30% of all civilian casualties. Another negative trend we saw in 2017, highlighting the intensifying violence in the country, is the forced closure of health facilities, increasingly affected by the conflict, which has prevented 1.4 million people (65% of them women) from accessing essential health services. 3.3 million Afghans suffer from chronic malnutrition: 73% of them are under 18 and 23% are women. Another sector that directly suffers the consequences of conflict is education, with at least one thousand schools closed or inactive due to the fighting. At the same time, the continuous internal migratory flows, combined with the huge population influx returned from Iran and Pakistan (162,000 in 2017 alone), have contributed to a significant increase in the number of people living in informal settlements, reinforcing the need for lasting solutions that support their social and work reintegration.

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