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Negar Private School


Negar Private School and Kindergarten has been established with the aim of providing innovative and dynamic education in accordance with the requirements of the time and national and Islamic values. The school is taught from the first to the eleventh grade in a student-centered manner using the curriculum and textbooks of the Ministry of Education. Negar Private School is officially registered with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce, and its documents are valid for transfer to public and private schools, job search and enrollment in the entrance exam.

The private school of Negar is available as much as possible to the teaching materials and classes of the laboratory to the experiences of scientific subjects in the scientific form of library and computer room, and to make familiarity with the use of science laboratory technology, computer room and library at the disposal of students and professors.


Kote Sangi, 2nd street, Behind Mubarak center 

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