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Understanding Third World Politics

2021-10-20 13:42:11


From his first film score, Chris Eyre and Sherman Alexie’s SMOKE SIGNALS (Sundance Film Festival Audience Award & Filmmaker Trophy winner), to horror master Tobe Hooper’s final film DJINN, to Steven Cantor’s Hulu documentary BALLET NOW, composer BC Smith’s unique talent as a musical storyteller has enhanced an incredibly diverse and eclectic collection of films.

Whether working with modular synthesizers, orchestras, multifarious ensembles, peyote singers, or bespoke electronics, BC is one of those rare composers not bound by genre or convention. He approaches each movie from its own unique perspective to create an original sonic pallet and score that is truly born from the film’s story.

Notable projects include Chris Eyre’s award-winning films, SKINS, EDGE OF AMERICA and the Robert Redford produced Tony Hillerman detective series (THIEF OF TIME, SKINWALKERS, and COYOTE WAITS), MGM’s MOD SQUAD, the John Cusack and Emma Roberts starred ADULT WORLD, AMANDA AND JACK GO GLAMPING staring Amy Acker and David Arquette, and Netflix’s Ryan Koo drama AMATEUR.

His love of pushing boundaries has led to his ongoing collaboration with Nine Inch Nails / How To Destroy Angels multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Cortini under the nom de guerre ACBC. Winners of a bronze Clio and silver Eurobest Cannes Lion for their music, their international projects include Gus Van Sant and Martin Werner directed campaigns for BMW, the award-winning 8 part Woodkid directed films for Rihanna’s album ANTI and the firefighting documentary BURN, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival’s Audience Award.


BC’s recent projects include scores for director Cornelia Duryée’s autism drama LANGUAGE ARTS, HOOD RIVER for director Steven Cantor and producer Robert Rodriquez, the sci-fi thriller THE STAIRS for director Peter “Drago” Tiemann and and the Hyper Immersive VR Experience, UNCONTAINED for Immersive Tech.

The covid pandemic and shut down also sparked two new creative collaborations:

A DEMON IN FUN CITY is BC’s cinematic experimental music project with Richard Kadrey, author of the best selling Sandman Slim book series. Music to be released in early 2022.

HOGVEDDER TILLSTAND is a new composer collaboration between BC and Michael Tuller.  (American Horror Story). They are currently scoring the National Geographic dramatic series THE EDGE OF THE UNKNOWN for Academy Award winning FREE SOLO directors E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin.

BC is also an accomplished magician, specializing in close-up magic with purportedly haunted artifacts. (Come for the card tricks…stay for the demon summoning) He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts world-famous Magic Castle and the co-creator of Two Headed Dreams, a streaming magic experience that premiered Sept 2020 and featured some of the worlds best magicians including Zabrecky, Penn & Teller and Michael Carbonaro.


Since this chapter examines a controversy over the label ‘Third World’ it is appropriate to begin with a definition. In order to identify the subject-matter of this book, to convey the diversity of the social and economic conditions found within the Third World, and to provide an outline of the major changes taking place in Third World countries, an indication of the key characteristics of Third World status must be given. For the purpose of this survey the Third World will be defined as a group of countries which have colonial histories and which are in the process of developing economically and socially from a status characterized by low incomes, dependence on agriculture, weakness in trading relations, social deprivation for large segments of society, and restricted political and civil liberties. This definition acknowledges the process of change and therefore the likely diversity of countries within the group. The following sketch of Third World status and trends will follow the components of the definition: the achievement of political independence; average income levels; industrialization; integration into the world economy; and human development (Thomas, 1994, p. 10). By this definition the Third World comprises approximately 100 states in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean. Their combined population of over 4 billion accounts for 77 per cent of the world’s total and their territories cover nearly 58 per cent of the world’s land area (

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