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The Minister Daughter

2020-12-26 09:44:19


Lillias Anna Hamilton was a British pioneer female doctor and author. She was born at Tomabil Station, New South Wales to Hugh Hamilton (1822– 1900) and his wife Margaret Clunes. After attending school in Ayr and then Cheltenham Ladies' College, she trained first as a nurse, in Liverpool, before going on to study medicine in Scotland, qualifying as a Doctor of Medicine in 1890.

She was a court physician to Amir Abdur Rahman Khan in Afghanistan in the 1890s, and wrote a fictionalized account of her experiences in her book A Vizier's Daughter: A Tale of the Hazara War, published in 1900.

After a spell in private practice in London, she became Warden of Studley Horticultural College in the years before World War I, taking leave from the College in 1915 to serve in a typhoid hospital in Montenegro under the auspices of the Wounded Allies Relief Committee. Her published works include A Nurse's Bequest, 1907.


Hamilton was invited by the Amir, Abdur Rahman, to spend six months in Kabul. He paid for all of her expenses. After she successfully treated the Amir in October 1894, Hamilton became his personal physician for three years to follow. Afghanistan was an inhospitable place for a European, especially a woman, to live.

Hamilton was a prolific journalist and the author of two fiction books. She had an unpublished work titled, The power that walks in darkness, in which she expressed her serious reservations about the Amir's often muddled reforms and his ‘iron rule’. Even with the Amir's protection, her work still posed a threat to her own life, and she knew that a loss of the Amir's protection could result in her execution. Her work, A Vizier's Daughter was a fictional account of her time in Afghanistan in which she challenged “Islamic Stipulations,” with sarcasm and perspectives on the Amir, male and female roles in this culture of Afghanistan.


The long and historical novel "Minister's Daughter" was written in English one hundred years ago by Dr. Lilias Hamilton, an English physician who was the family physician at the court of Abdul Rahman Khan at the time, and then translated into Dari by Gol Hossein Ahmadi. Is. The minister's daughter portrays a part of the untold reality of Afghanistan, centered on a character named "Gol Begum" who is the main character and the protagonist of this story.

The Minister's Daughter is a report on the Hazara war against Abdul Rahman. A war in which the Hazaras endured the most severe historical repression. Their ancestral lands were plundered, their women and children sold in world slave markets, and they were marginalized from the Afghan political and civic scene for almost a century.


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