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Switzerland humanitarian visa for afghans

2025-03-05 Switzerland
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Concerning your request for assistance with legal pathways towards Switzerland, we would like to inform you of the following: Evacuation UNHCR cannot organize evacuations or otherwise facilitate, logistically or financially, the departure of Afghans who wish to leave Afghanistan. Individuals may directly contact the representation of States or other actors who can offer such opportunities. Afghans outside Afghanistan can approach the UNHCR representation in the respective country in which they are but need to be aware that local offices currently have to process a very high number of requests. Asylum in Switzerland It is not possible to apply for asylum in Switzerland from abroad. For making such a request, you must be present on Swiss territory or at its borders. Responsible for the examination of asylum requests is the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). UNHCR has no formal role in the asylum procedure and generally does not intervene in individual asylum applications. Humanitarian visa According to Swiss national law, Switzerland has the possibility to issue a humanitarian visa to individuals whose lives are imminently at risk, but the practice is very restrictive. Apart from a life-threatening situation, the SEM generally requires that the individual has a link to Switzerland. In addition, the request for such a visa normally needs to be made in person at a Swiss representation, so it is generally not possible for people who are still in Afghanistan to make such a request.

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More detailed information on humanitarian visas is also available on the website of the Swiss Red Cross (page available in German and French). Family reunification UNHCR encourages States to review family reunification applications of Afghans who already have connections to that country, and apply more flexible and expedited processing, where possible. Under Swiss national law family reunification is only possible with spouses/registered partners and underage children (under 18 years old). Other requirements apply depending on your residence permit in Switzerland. A request for a family reunification visa has to be submitted in person to a Swiss representation, so it is generally not possible for people who are still in Afghanistan to make such a request. We do not have information yet whether exceptions will be made considering the current situation. You might want to try to contact the migration authorities of your Canton to ask for further information.


For any information about the situation in Afghanistan, please consult the Help webpage of UNHCR for Afghanistan.

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Switzerland humanitarian visa

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  • Location: Switzerland
  • End Date: 2025-03-05


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